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72 Goat Reward in Paradise

I customarily substitute goats for virgins in that phrase and that is not arbitrary but related to a story about Afghanistan. The picture on my website shows my buddy Sammy in Kabul with three young Afghanis. Sam spent two weeks in Afghanistan and another week in Islamabad, Pakistan doing recon and site survey of the security for two NGOs delivering relief supplies to those two countries. The one year anniversary of 9/11 was imminent and we were helping them with hibernation plans for the event and also writing escape & evasion, vehicle and overall security plans. Sam was doing the leg work and emailing me info and I stayed in the US and wrote the plans sent them back and then explained them to Sam on a sat phone.

The boys are 18-20 years old and former Northern Alliance soldiers for more than 6 years each. They had fought the Taliban and now were security for the NGOs. Sam spent almost his entire time in Kabul with these guys and in classic Special Forces fashion built rapport and pretty soon they were talking about everything. The subject of girls came up and the fellas told Sammy the best thing about the Taliban falling was girls, 'cuz for the six years they were fighters they told him there were no women around. Sammy asked the indelicate but curiosity causing question of whether the older men took advantage of them in that way, and they were completely non-plussed and said Oh yeah, of course that always happens it is just the way things are." Sam was a little surprised they were so open about it and then one of them said
"There is even a saying about it.

For Children- A Woman
For Pleasure- A Boy
For Ecstacy- A Goat"

Sammy made him repeat it and they all agreed that yes this was the saying. So when I substitute 72 goats for 72 virgins, I am not being a smart ass, I'm simply trying to comply with the wishes of the dearly departed.