Independence Day 2004 in the Mad City            Back to Uncle Jimbo

One of the joys of living in Madison, WI is the variety and vigor of our
hippies. The Mad City is truly one of the most progressive cities in
the world and I mean that as a compliment. I live here by choice
because of the quality of life.

That means we get excellent street theater from our thriving Bush
haters and general moonbattery. Today we got a July 3rd Tea Party
and reading of a revised Declaration of Independence for our
entertainment. My son and I attended to ensure there was more than
one viewpoint on display. I was resplendent in my Peace sign T-shirt
and my SF hat with all my badges and tabs and crap on it.

The game was to march to the park while beating drums and
chanting the usual boilerplate hey hey ho ho Bush and Cheney got
to go and I was afraid the whole thing might just suck. But once they
got to the park things livened up. First lets get a look at the usual

Here we have the Pro-Death Moonbat with a sign containing her
heart-warming sentiment.

There was the obligatory apocalyptic puppetry; The UN, Skeleton
Sam, and Justice

This gentleman was “informing” himself through the pages of the
Socialist Worker.

Uncle Jimbo Expressing Solidarity with a Chained W and Cheney

The next event was a reading of the Declaration of Independence
2004 which could have been lifted from the web site of
or the Democratic Underground.

“Please set us free from the tyrannical reign of King George and his
hordes of rapacious contractors. Please return control of the US to
we liberal smarty pants who are so morally superior to BusHitler  and
his jack-booted thugs. ETC ad nauseum)  Now honestly Madison’s
hippies are not nearly as rabid as San Fran’s or DC’s so it really was
pretty muted in comparison to the worst but they took plenty of
shots. And just to stay true to form they did most of it in sing song “I
say you repeat” so it took way too long and I felt obligated to heckle,
which they took fairly well.

Next came the fun part, the Madison Tea Party was to include an
actual tossing of the axis of evil, W, Cheney and Rummy into
Madison Harbor to protest “Globalization Without Representation”,
although none of them had a slogan that catchy. First they charged
them with “Blood for Oil” and “Bombing of Children” and “Failure to
Adhere to a French World View” and then they Frog-Marched them
in chains to the water.

Note the Revolutionary garb. The theme ran toward a "Let’s have a
Revolution to Take Back Our Country". The hippies have had
enough and they’re not gonna’ take it. They didn’t have much of an
answer when I asked how that Revolution was going to happen with
no guns. Especially since the other side, Us, has plenty.

Next came the criminal tossings and a request for beefy hippy
volunteers to conduct them. Unfortunately beefy and hippy form an
oxymoron and the launches were very underpowered and quite nearly
bounced each villain of the concrete wall.
Cheney barely clears the edge under granola power

Young Moonbat in Training learns respect for the President

The Villains meet Their Watery Fate Looking Very Chipper.

I have to say it was all quite enjoyable and entertaining and I left with
a smile on my face and joy in my heart. This is going to be a wicked
fun election season.


Uncle Jimbo